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Ahad, April 26, 2009

falling away by 786 boyz


i feel u close to me
i dunno
who im supposed to be
gimme a chance
cause i dont wanna slip away
gotta keep you in my heart
leaving all my ways


so many times i feel you in my heart
and i just wanna take it from the start
so please hold my hand today
cause i can feel it fallin away
fallin away
Allah will show me the way
fallin away
cause i dont wanna slip away
fallin away

every soul
is walking back to you
i wanna run
what am i supposed to do
your helping hand
i need everyday
there's something i can do
so in heaven i can stay


i walk around the city
in the middle of the night
but nothing impresses me
til i open up my eyes
a dome in its majesty
a minaret rising high
it's a place for me that everyday
i'll go to keep from falling away


for more info n credit : http://camarstolidus.blogspot.com/2009/01/seven8six-falling-away.html

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